Great BG Music on WAMU, 88.5fm Mouldy Fig Edition   Leave a comment

I listened in rapt attention to WAMU, 88.5fm this afternoon, to a show called, “Master Class”. It was hosted by IBMA’s Bluegrass DJ of 2011, Katy Daley.

It featured Some excellent First Generation Baltimore Bluegrass music, from really early Jack Cooke to Del McCoury, to Ola Belle Reed and Ralph Mayo. Among Katy’s guests were Tom Minty, Arnold Lee Dickens, Sr. and a couple of other folks…even a Mystery Guest!Plenty of sto-rhees, too

Yeah, the first generation,  there is ONLY ONE….it is my mission on this blog to be a reminder of how important it is to honor the Roots… appreciate the Founding members, to NEVER forget their contributions to bluegrass music.

Call me a Mouldy Fig, and I am Proud to be a Moldy Fig….Eddie Stubbs is a lifelong member. Somebody has to remember, before the sands of time erase the memories of the people who paved the way for the rest of us.

Am I right here? Am I alone in this ? Mouldy Figs Unite!

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